Traffic Island Edible Landscape (2012) / Description

The work Traffic Island Edible Landscape is located on the traffic island in the middle of the road called Noerreport – one of the most heavily trafficked roads in Aarhus. The work extends over approximately 100 square meters and forms a long strip across Noerreport. This road area is a junction for light and heavy traffic: each day thousands of road users – passenger cars and heavy traffic – pass through the area; Noerreport is an important and highly visible public space.

This landscape contributes to discussions that are increasingly concerned with the shaping of the urban space and it simultaneously constitutes a personal suggestion for how we can create new landscapes that challenge and create completely different opportunities in well-known urban and road spaces.

The landscape consists of flowering plants which are not immediately recognisable as road-side plants. If you move up really close to the landscape, you will see that the landscape does not only consist of beautiful and colourful ornamental plants, but that most of the plants also have a practical aspect and are edible.

This work has been realised independently from existing exhibition contexts in dialogue with Aarhus Municipality’s department for technical services and the environment. The work was planned in cooperation with architecture students Laura Græsdal Maajen, Iben Wenzel Nahmens, Susanne Brix Pedersen, Sigrid Marie Poulsen, Karen Lindkvist Thomsen and Canna Rosell Worsøe.  Statens Kunstråds Billedkunstudvalg (the Danish State Arts Council, committee for visual art)  and Kunstrådet Aarhus Kommune (the arts council of the municipality of Aarhus) / Kultur-udviklingspuljen (Cultural Development Foundation of Aarhus Municipality) have contributed to the project with financial support. Fristads Kansas has sponsored the work clothes used for the project.

Marie Markman 2012

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