Seminar / Urban Agriculture: Edible Estates and the Mega Cities of Tomorrow (2013)

To define the context of this PhD, the seminar Urban Agriculture: Edible Estates and the Mega Cities of Tomorrow and the exhibition Hands-on Urbanism by Elke Krasny were organized in 2013 as part of this PhD project. The aim was to place the discussion about urban agriculture, urban farming and gardening in a Danish context but contribute to global discourses. By hosting the seminar, my intention was to discuss this research with experts while defining it in the span between research, practice and education, as well as in a broader public, thus, hopefully, inspiring and creating debate.

A range of speakers, who all represented current international projects artistically and/or scientifically, were invited to talk about their work and experiences. The range of speakers was carefully composed to represent both small- and large-scale projects and to represent methods from practitioners within the fields of art, urban planning, activism and research – many of the speakers combining methods, working inter- or transdisciplinarily. This perspective was taken both to specify the context and to create a shared space for reflection. The very format was chosen as a parallel to a more traditional literature review, because within this I saw an opportunity to directly hold my questions up against some of the most relevant approaches to debate in terms of the discussions this PhD seeks to contribute to. I saw an opportunity to use the range of speakers, all experts in their respective fields, as a reflective knowledge team contributing to the questions that this research addresses.

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